construction workforce staffing + recruitmentin Canadian residential, civil engineering and infrastructure sectors

jobseekers: get high-pay contract work that is stable and consistent. Start work today with on-the-job training to advance your career!

employers: always hire and retain qualified, reliable and committed workers with our innovative employee recruitment process for less staff turnover and frustration!

Solid Work Ltd is an integrated partner that supplies site workforce to the construction and infrastructure industry. From new recruits to skilled and seasoned professionals, we provide flexible and targeted job placement with advancement opportunities to produce more satisfied, committed and reliable employees that scale in alignment with project requirements.


We dug deep by helping our workers find employment that matches their aptitudes and abilities to provide a more satisfied, committed and reliable workforce with less turnover to save our clients time and money!


Our industry connections provide consistent Solid Work for our employees, and in turn, our extensive network of quality workers provides reliable Solid Work for our clients!


We treat our employees right, and in turn, they do the same for our clients. We offer competitive rates and our weekly payments are always on time. Plus, with monthly rewards and a yearly bonus package, we care to provide Solid Work for our employees and valued clients!


"They are a solid partnership who understand the pressing needs of their clients and the immediate challenge they face with our current labour shortage."

– Niel Lowhar, Project Manager, TPIL

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